Custom Shopify Solutions.

Our team is fast, nimble, and as responsive as our websites.
Our code powers some of the fastest growing stores on planet Earth.

( All this adds up to a huge value proposition for our clients )
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Our Solutions.

For 10+ years we’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome their most advanced Ecommerce challenges.

Shopify Design + Build.

From design to development, our team has proven hundreds of times we deliver results on time & on budget. Our Shopify builds are centered around helping customers make better purchase decisions across all devices.

Shopify Design and Build
Shopify Design and Build

Custom Shopify Apps.

We develop robust coding solutions that bolster the functionality of the Shopify platform, enhances the user experience and make business operations flow more smoothly. So yeah, we can create an app for that.

Ongoing Support + Optimization.

Meeting the demands of today’s consumer requires a team that moves at the speed of light. By employing a progressive approach to site optimization and satisfying the expectations of a tech-savvy marketplace, we ensure that your site remains a persistent hot spot for Ecommerce activity.

Shopify Design and Build

Client Testimonial

"Thank you so much for the support and your hustle. We have been blown away with your responsiveness and skills. I think we all agree that this will be a great long term relationship. Hands down Human Code is the best development team I’ve ever worked with."

Jessica Wright
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Enhancing your storefront shouldn’t be another line on your endless "to do" list. High performing storefronts don’t have to take years of development and your entire annual profit to build. Keep it simple, make it friendly (like us), and start growing sales.

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