Ghosting E-Commerce
Chris BollmanChris Bollman, CEO

Ghosting E-Commerce

April 12th, 2019   |   3 Min Read Time
Developing Your 2019 Marketing & E-commerce Plan
March 17th, 2019   |   8 Min Read Time

While we wouldn't suggest that your 2019 holiday marketing plan should be the only thing you're thinking about right now as an e-commerce retailer, it should be strongly considered in developing your 2019 e-commerce calendar and marketing spend.

Joe BaumJoe Baum, Operations Manager
Why We Migrated Our Website to Gatsby and React.js
March 18th, 2019   |   14 Min Read Time

Learn more about why (and how) we migrated our website to Gatsby, a JAMStack framework built on top of React.js. Experience the performance and flexibility of a content experience powered by modern publishing tools.

Chris BollmanChris Bollman, CEO
Five Shopify Theme Management Best Practices
March 15th, 2019   |   7 Min Read Time

We recommend Shopify to our customers for many reasons. The flexibility and extendability of its theming system is a key benefit. However, as with any piece of software that's critical to your business' success, your Shopify theme requires upkeep and structured management.

Evan WestendorfEvan Westendorf, Project Manager

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