Shopify Seller Success with Human Code

Shopify Seller Success with Human Code

Today, we are proud to launch our Shopify Seller Success Program. Sign up for month-to-month Shopify store management with no long-term contracts. We can help you increase your online sales starting in one business day.

Win on Shopify

Shopify is THE leading e-commerce platform for growth-oriented brands. Plugging into its App Store, Shopify can accelerate your company’s growth exponentially — with little to no reliance on custom code.

But here’s the catch:

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with Shopify store management. Sometimes Shopify Apps don’t play nice with your theme. Navigating all of Shopify’s configuration options, optimizing product description pages, integrating with different sales platforms, linking reports with paid advertising channels…it can get a little crazy, fast.

Managing a single Shopify store can easily become a full-time job heachache.

At Human Code, we believe you should be spending your time building your brand, not surfing support forums to troubleshoot Shopify configuration bugs. Let us do the dirty, tedious work, while you grow your business.

Expert Shopify Store Management

As an elite Shopify Plus Partner Agency, our team has helped launch some of the most high-profile Shopify stores on the planet. We’ve built dozens of complex, custom Shopify Apps, rich user experiences, and themes.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this expertise with more businesses through our Shopify Seller Success Program:

Sign up for our Shopify Seller Success services, and we’ll take responsibility for maintaining and optimizing your Shopify storefront. Through this program, you’ll receive access to our team of expert e-commerce strategists, Shopify producers, graphic designers, and software engineers.

Shopify Seller Success with Human Code

Here's how the Program works:

  • Purchase support on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contracts.
  • We kick off each month with a strategy session to set priorities for your store.
  • We schedule regular check-ins between you and your dedicated Shopify Producer.
  • We evaluate the success of your storefront as part of a monthly performance review.
  • Have a larger project or initiative? We can schedule additional, a-la-carte services and development as needed.

Start Winning Today

Give us a call at (866) WE HUMAN or use the contact form below for your free Shopify Storefront Assessment and Shopify Seller Success quote. We can start helping you increase your sales on Shopify in as little as one business day. Don’t wait. Start the conversation today!

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